Specialised aerial surveying & photography

Aero Survey and Photography provide a range of specialised aerial surveying services

Our goal? To take clients from a sub-optimal state to their desired best-practice state by offering high-precision surveying solutions in even the most inaccessible places.

What do we offer? Well, the sky’s the limit!



Aerial surveying & photography

Our survey-grade mapping drones can cover up to 2km² in a single flight, or more extensive areas with multiple flights, and have a ground sampling distance of down to 1.5cm per pixel. They offer absolute orthomosaic and digital surface model accuracy of down to 3cm, without the need for ground control points.


Project progress imaging & video

Need to monitor the progress of a project throughout its life cycle? Aero Survey and Photography can help ensure your project gets off the ground or that everything measures up once it’s complete. We provide DSLR aerial photography, high-resolution (4K) aerial video work and aerial cinematography solutions.


3D modelling of structures & facilities

Our professional image processing software can transform images into geo-referenced 3D models and 3D point clouds. These are particularly useful for the engineering and construction industries.



Aerial photogrammetry, or the science of obtaining accurate geometric measurements using photographs taken from an aerial platform, is another service we provide. We offer high-accuracy photogrammetric processing using ground control points and in-house QA workflows; high volume photogrammetric processing using specially developed software; and ground-based photogrammetry.


High-resolution aerial videos

Aero Survey and Photography can provide high-resolution (4K) videos for many different applications in the farming, mining, engineering and construction sectors. Need footage to assess the overall health of your crops? Tick. How about impressive cinematography of a new development for marketing purposes? Tick. Perhaps you need video of an exploratory mining site? Tick. Let us be your eyes in the sky.


Condition assessment of assets & facilities

Drones are increasingly being used for asset and facilities inspections because of their efficiency and the quality of data they produce. Manual inspections are time-consuming, labour-intensive and potentially dangerous. The clever option is to employ a drone-operator to make sure no issues fly beneath the radar.


NIR (Near-Infrared) surveys

Our state-of-the-art NIR technology is particularly useful for farmers and agronomists, as it can be used to determine the vegetation health of green plant matter. We can generate a Normalised Difference Vegetation Index, thereby identifying any weak spots in crops.


360-degree panoramic

This service is used for more accurate mapping and for modelling concave environments. Our 360-degree panoramic products can also serve as impressive marketing tools for websites or promotional materials.


Thermal imaging

Our thermal imaging service is ideal to inspect electrical transmission infrastructure, solar panels, power plants, and much more. It’s a safe, convenient, efficient option.


Inspection of structures
& land areas

Our nifty UAVs can get into all those difficult-to-reach places in order to gain a bird’s eye view of a structure or land area. Imagine trying to gain access to the underside of a bridge, for example, without the help of a drone. Logistical or geographical challenges are no longer a nightmare with us.


High-resolution mapping

Aero Survey and Photography’s mapping and inspection drone can create high-resolution 2D and 3D maps, including those for highly inclined or vertical surfaces.

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