Specialised aerial surveying & photography

Aero Survey and Photography are committed to delivering an exceptional standard of spatial data products. We offer the full suite of aerial photography, video and mapping products.

Meet Our Fleet


senseFly eBee RTK

Our fully autonomous professional mapping drone captures high-resolution aerial photos that can be transformed into accurate orthomosaics and 3D models. It’s equipped with Red Green Blue and Near-Infrared cameras and can acquire images with a ground sampling distance (GSD) of down to 1.5 cm per pixel.

senseFly eXom quadcopter

Offering advanced situational awareness, our sensor-rich drone can switch between capturing video, still and thermal imagery during the same flight. This bad boy was designed to perform live inspections of buildings and tricky locations. Clear and stabilised imagery can be captured from above, below or in front of the drone.

DJI S1000 Octocopter

This multi-rotor system really does look like something out of the future. Designed for high-level professional photography and cinematography, it is equipped with a Panasonic GH4 DSLR camera on a Zenmuse gimbal. 360-degree views are achievable with this drone.

Our Products


We can transform the drone’s images into a range of valuable, geo-referenced outputs, including:


High-resolution aerial maps with corrected perspective

3D Textured Models

Full 3D triangle mesh with photorealistic texturing

3D Point Clouds

Laser scanner-quality 3D points, clean from moving objects

Volume Calculations

Achieved with a perfect representation of your stockpile

Digital Surface Models

Accurate, geo-referenced elevation maps

Contour Maps

Great for a simplified representation of topography

Other Specialised Data

Tailored, professional datasets and results

Our Software


We use eMotion2 and eMotionX to process the flight data and geotag images. Pix4D and GlobalMapper are then used to process the data into files that are compatible with both Bentley and Autocad products.

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